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Dental Clinic : Résidence du Square, 2 Avenue Maréchal Foch, 06230,Villefranche Sur Mer. France.

From France Tel.: 04 93 01 71 52.

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The Treatments:


m Implantology

Having perfect teeth, and keeping them like that for all your life, is a luck that is not given to everybody. But nowadays, the dentists have more than one solution to correct the imperfections of the nature and to hide the scars of the time!

A Dental Implant is an artificial root, made in titanium, that is going to be placed inside the alveolar bone, to replace one or several missing teeth.

The implantologist adapts the lenght, the diameter and the form to the clinic case, thanks to a radiological exam: Panoramical Orthopantomogramme and sometimes, tomodensiometer or scanner or a cone beam - allowing the visualization of the anatomicals structures surrounding and scaping to a iatrogen intervention.

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m Dental Prosthesis

The prosthesis is the part of the dentistry that cares essencially, of replacing or repare teeth.
The prosthestic action will allow to rebuild the damaged teeth (after a caries or a fracture) thanks to the crowns, in metal or ceramic. It also allows to replace the missing teeth, by a fixed medium (bridge) or by no-movil apparatus like metalics chassis (or satelites).

The dentist works in association with a dental prosthetist. This last one, works inside a laboratory, with a very specific material.

A prosthesis, does not prevent in any aspect to do a good bucco-dental hygiene. The teeth, like the crowns, may have caries, but it is not the case with the dental implants. The soft tissue arround the teeth or implants, may inflame if the brushing is not effective. And the teeth with hook (for the removable prothesis) may become fragil.

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mDental Whitening (Blanchiment)

Through the years, and with the utilization of products like tea, coffee and cigarette, the teeth loose their shiness, their luminiscence, and they can become yellowish or brownish. Happily, this process is reversible. It is possible to find a shiny smile to reflex the health, youth and beauty.

The Dental Whitening (Blanchiment) allows to refind the colour and the good aspect of the teeth.

These technics are kept for particular cases, and do not have to be taken as an excuse to avoid the bucco-dental hygiene.

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Different types of Dental Treatments

m Conservative Odontology

It is the part of the dentistry that take cares of the teeth and makes their recontruction. The Dental Surgeon removes the part of the tooth with the carie (the  caries is soft and full of bacteria, contrary to the tooth that is hard). Then, the dentist rebuilds the tooth with a material of obturation: amalgame, composite, CVI, etc.

m Endodontics

The endodontics deals with the tissue localised within the tooth, called pulpe. The endodontical treatment (sometimes named devitalisation), consists of removing this pulpe and sealing the free space to avoid the infection. This treatment must be done in two cases: if the inflammation of the pulpe is irreversible or if the pulpe is in necrosis.

m Parodontology

The paradontology deals with the parodonte, that is, with the tissue surrounding the tooth: gencive (ence) , os alvéolaire (alveolar bone) , cement (that covers the dental roots), alveolo-dental ligament (that links the tooth to the alveolar- bone.

m Surgery

The dentist can make same surgical actions: avulsion (extractions) of wisdom teeth or canines; surgery of soft tissue; transplant of bones (to face the placement of an implant in a zone where the volume of the bone is not enough); extirpation of benign tumors , cysts and biopsys to study the type and the origin of a pathologic tissue found inside the oral cavity.





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